"Excellence is on the menu at La Boite Theatre Company  in 2012"

The red carpet rolled out in front of the Block, just across from The Roundhouse Theatre in Kelvin Grove. VIPs, press, stars of La Boite's latest and hottest shows rubbed shoulders with die-hard theatre fans. La Boite had put on an evening to remember, champagne sparkled in its flutes under the dim lights as La Boite set their stage and made their offering for their 2012 season.

The atmosphere was electric and exciting and the selection was simply excellent.

But what else can one expect from a theatre company, that since its origins as The Brisbane Reparatory Theatre Company has dazzled, delighted and amazed Brisbane audiences and has become the quintessential repository, home and source of first rate mainstage theatre in Brisbane. A company that airs both classics and contemporary giants but also pulses with the deliberate cadence of giving a voice to local and emerging talent both on the play writing page and on the stage. La Boite has long known and loved the Brisbane crowd and the Brisbane crowd loves them equally back and this relationship is set to dance with both its time honoured grace and new magnificence in 2012.

"Theatre is an act of gathering" observed artistic director David Berthold at the season launch "I think in this time, where we are the most connected, we long for live events to bring us physically together"

Under Berthold's leadership in recent years La Boite has cemented their claim to being one of the absolute bedrocks of the Brisbane theatre scene, a leader and a forerunner and this reputation is well deserved but does not come without some responsibility and quite a deal of risk. La Boite continues to challenge and redefine the scope and the scene that is theatre in Brisbane and in the world and continues to still remain exciting, relevant, electric, poetic, resonant and deeply connected to its local audience. Creative initiatives like La Boite Indie are bold strokes that have rocked the Brisbane theatre audience to its very core and enjoyed massive acclaim, such is only possible by a company that knows itself, its audience and the direction they want to travel together.

So… down to the business of  La Boite Theatre Company's 2012 Season.

"As You Like It" by William Shakespeare


What is it: Shakespeare's classic of love, lust and an older woman. A classic and much loved comedy from The Bard

See it if you like:  Shakespeare, classic comedy, classic theatre with new twists



"MIDSUMMER" (A play with songs) by David Greig and Gordon McIntyre


What is it: A musical comedy smash hit coming to Brisbane with the original cast all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland

See it if you like: Musical comedy, sparkling new writing, a new twist on classics



"A Hoax" by Rick Viede

11 MAY- 26 MAY

What is it: A cutting and cracking social satire as a book about a young Aboriginal woman's abuse turns out to be a literary fraud.

See it if you like: Social satires, political drama, contemporary writing



"The Truth About Kookaburras" by Sven Swenson

6 JUN- 23 JUN

What is it:  A testosterone fueled peak inside the dressing sheds of an underdog AFL team

See it if you like: Award winning contemporary Australian drama



"I Only Came To Use The Phone" based on a short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

27 JUN – 14 JUL

What is it: A haunting retelling of a young girl's nightmare unfolding after her car breaks down based on the Nobel prize winning story.

See it if you like: Thrilling indie theatre



"Home" by Margi Brown Ash

17 JUL – 28 JUL

What is it:  Margi Brown Ash re-tells and re-imagines her life as an actor, therapist and mother.

See it if you like: Storytelling



"The Harbinger" by David Morton and Matthew Ryan

17 AUG – 1 SEP

What is it: A haunting and enchanting tale of myth and legend, heroes and villains, good and evil

See it if you like: Amazing puppetry and theatrical design, cutting edge indie theatre



"Tender Napalm" by Philip Ridley

26 SEP – 13 OCT

What is it : A play of intoxicating poetry exploring the sexual union of a young couple

See it if you like: Electric new play writing and cracking contemporary theatre


"A Tribute of Sorts" inspired by the poem by Edward Gorey

24 OCT – 10 NOV

What is it: A performance where a pair must re-enact the untimely deaths of a series of alphabetically named children

See it if you like: Sensational indie comedy



"Children of War" by Chris Beckey

14 NOV – 1 DEC

What is it: A visceral and horrific exploration of stories of the children of war

See it if you like: Powerful political theatre, incredible indie writing.


So La Boite offers us more excellence for 2012. Some classic, some contemporary, some experimental, all bold, all electric, all exciting and sensual which is the name of the game at La Boite. They promise and deliver nothing less than the unparalleled joy that comes with connecting first-rate theatre from home and aboard, from the past, the present and the future to audiences that continue to grow and revel in it. Theatre connects and communicates to people in ways that other art forms do not, it celebrates the ephemeral and temporal nature of our existence, it champions the intimate and the political and it brings people together – it brings artists together to create and it brings audiences together to partake. I cheer on La Boite's vision of a theatre that gathers, a truly "round house" where all may hear stories equally and all stories may be told equally. And I hope to be able to see and celebrate as much of their work in 2012 as I am able to.