6. Jeremi Campese, Ryan Hodson, Hayley Pearl & Meg Clarke

Presented by New Ghosts Theatre Company
association with KXT bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company
27 Sept – 13 Oct 2018 | Kings Cross Theatre
Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel, 244/248 William St, Kings Cross
Tickets $15 – 35 + booking fees | newghoststheatre.com

Fresh after the success of Paper Doll and Fracture at Sydney’s the Old Fitz Theatre, and its acclaimed Sydney and Perth seasons of The Wind in the Underground, New Ghosts Theatre Company in association with KXT bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company, present the Australian premiere of Anna Jordan’s Bruntwood Prize winning YEN, from the 27th September – 13th October 2018 at Kings Cross Theatre.

“I’m Bobbie. As in Bobbie Dazzler, my Nan says, although I don’t know who that is. And this is my brother Hench. He’s got a face for radio.”

Hench is 16, Bobbie is 14. They’re home alone in Feltham with their dog Taliban; playing PlayStation, streaming porn, watching the world go by. Sometimes their mum Maggie visits, usually with empty pockets and empty promises.

Then Jenny shows up.

YEN explores a childhood lived without boundaries and the consequences of being forced to grow up on your own.

In the skillful hands of New Ghosts’ Artistic Director Lucy Clements, and with an incredibly talented cast including Ryan Hodson (Blackrock La Boite Theatre Company), Jeremi Campese (Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here AnymoreMothIntersection Chrysalis, ATYP and DNA KXT bAKEHOUSE), Meg Clarke (The Chapel Perilous New Theatre, Servant of Two Masters and Measure for Measure Sport For Jove, Away Lambert House), and Hayley Pearl (Abducting Diana New Theatre, King Lear  Seymour Centre, All Saints and Cops LAC), YEN is set to be a highlight of the 2018 KXT season. 

The work also comes at a pertinent time in the Australian political landscape. Within the last 12 months, the discourse surrounding women’s safety, the ramifications of sexual assault, the role of men, and the importance of teaching boys to respect women from a young age has become more prevalent.

In an effort to continue the conversation and bring these issues to the fore, New Ghosts is offering school performances throughout the season and a matinee performance for the general public, followed by a panel discussion with Associate Professor Rita Shackel of the University of Sydney; a graduate of law, psychology, science, and education. Joined by the cast and creatives of the production, the panel will discuss the themes, character interactions, and its importance in today’s context. Proceeds of the school and matinee performances will go to Blue Knot Foundation.

Playing at Kings Cross Theatre from 27th September – 13th October 2018 and presented by New Ghosts Theatre Company, don’t miss the Australian premiere of Anna Jordan’s ground-breaking YEN.

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