After its debut in Melbourne last year, the musical King Kong appeared to be sailing smoothly on its course to New York for a December opening. However, a spokesperson for the show now declares that production has been held up.

Claiming that more time is needed for creative tweaks of the large-scale production, producers of the show have chosen not to "rush in before the end of the year".

The show retells the story of a '30s film crew venturing to the ominous Skull Island, only to encounter Kong, a legendary giant ape. This version, however, boasts a musical score by Marius de Vries, placing a new spin on classic Broadway numbers as well as songs by modern artists.

No word was received on just how long the delay will last. Nonetheless, New York fans eager to see the show need not worry, according to one of Kong's producers, Carmen Pavlovic. "We will announce our plans when we can confirm our timeline to open on Broadway," the producer said. "It will be worth the wait."