Be excited and enticed by this delectable sugary first  for the Australian theatre industry –  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory presents Kids Week  from the 4th – 8th December at Her Majesty’s Theatre in  Melbourne!

A magical and inspiring week that will offer a behind the scenes look at how the show is put together. Timed to transpire before each performance, children and adults alike will be transported into the magical world of the backstage theatre to learn about how many working parts are used in the making of the show. Some lucky children from the audience will be given the opportunity to help in this unique journey of discovery that will cover staging, lighting, wardrobe, sound and orchestra. Interval  will also offer another opportunity for  the audience to learn more about the transformative world of special effects.

Highly acclaimed and award nominated cabaret and theatre performer, Lucy Maunder – in her role as Charlie’s loving and affectionate mother, Mrs. Bucket – will be a part of the special presentation week. An obvious champion of the unique concept, Maunder  is quick to dispel any notions of spoiler alerts and says the experience will be one of significance, value and wonder.

“I don’t think it will spoil the magic at all, I also think it’s super important for kids and parents to learn about what a team it takes to put on a show,” says Maunder. “There are so many elements and whilst it may seem like it’s all just happening on stage, it’s very valuable that it’s exposed what a massive jigsaw and huge operation it is every night. Even knowing that, it’s possible to suspend your disbelief and get lost in the story. That’s what we try to achieve as actors every day and every department is working towards the same goal of telling that story to every audience member.”

Maunder  grew up watching theatre and couldn’t recommend it highly enough to anyone.   She judges theatre to be so much more poignant than film for a child because it feels like a way of escaping reality. “They both have their place of course but I think the whole experience of going to a musical and letting it wash all over you with the live orchestra and the power of live theatre makes it so special,” she says. “My daughter came to see the show in Sydney and her reaction was pretty amazing, she yelled at the stage when I walked off “Lucy Maunder! Where are you?!” Then ran at me with streamers at stage door. Adorable.”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Musical has been on tour since 2018 but has been wowing audiences since its London (original format version) debut in 2013. Based on Roald Dahl’s  delightfully imaginative children’s book written in 1964, the magic and endurance of Dahl’s world continues to resonate so palpably today. For Maunder the show is special and the story is special because Charlie is a relatable character who defies all the odds and makes his dreams come true. An eternal optimist, Charlie defies any time period. Maunder believes he appeals to the inner child in all of us, wanting to dream and make those dreams come true through the power of imagination.

Maunder is on tour with the show and says the greatest joy she has is working with the boys and looking into the eyes of these brilliant young actors where it’s clear (if they choose to pursue it) will have stellar careers.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Musical experience is sheer delight with Kids Week an addition that is priceless. For Maunder, and the whole production team, a week that guarantees fun, surprises and a glimpse into something truly magic!

“Everybody knows theatre is expensive these days and I think if Kids Week gives people the opportunity and financial liberty to come to the theatre then that’s an incredible initiative,” says Maunder. “And being able to see inside the back stage process, which you’d never usually be able to do is such a treat.”

From the Production: The entire team has loved working on this presentation and to be able to share with the audience  a little bit of the magic that happens on stage and behind the scenes. Lucy is part of the audience Q&A at interval where she will be answering questions from the audience.


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Kid’s Week

Production images: Jeff Busby