After graduating from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor of Arts (Music Theatre), Kerrie Anne Greeland made her professional music theatre debut in Cameron Mackintosh’s new production of Les Miserables as Eponine. It’s a huge role for any young graduate making their professional debut, but not only did Greenland receive rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, she went on to win the 2015 Helpmann Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Greenland admits she still has to pinch herself when she reflects back on the past year, “Did that actually happen at the Helpmanns? My boyfriend has to remind me I’m still new at this. I feel like I had to dive in and do it at 110%. He reminds me I’m still learning.”

One of the many things Greenland has learnt since graduating from WAAPA is to keep building her career and not to simply just “sit back and let it all happen”. It was advice from Trevor Ashley, her “onstage daddy” as Greenlands calls him.

This advice inspired Greenland to create her own podcast series: On My Own.

“Around the theatre you spend so much time chatting to so many amazingly talented people, who have such a wealth of knowledge and so many fantastic stories … and not only that, but they have incredible voices and incredible acting skills,” explained Greenland, who realised it would be a great idea to make all these conversations available for others to share.

“Not enough people get to hear these stories from these people, so why don’t I try to get a record of it and what better way than podcasts? People listen to them all the time, I listen to them when I’m driving and when I’m doing housework. So what not share it?” said Greenland.

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Greenland does some background research, prepares a list of questions and gives them to the person to be interviewed prior to recording the podcast. She admits when she started with Les Miserables she was thrown in the deep end with interviews. She not experienced with talking about herself, so has found it helps to have the opportunity to be prepared.

Greenland does all the recording and editing herself then posts the podcasts, which are available to anyone free of charge. The podcasts have a range of light and funny moments as well as deeper truths and include a song performance. It seems to be a good balance for listeners, who are tuning in from around the world. Her podcasts to date include interviews with Euan Doidge, Joel Parnis, Octavia Barron, her onstage parents Lara Mulcahy and Trevor Ashley, her Eponine understudies Chloe Zuel and Allyce Martins and the most recent is with Ben Hall.

She is particularly interested in talking with her ensemble cast members, referring to them as the music theatre stars who are working but don’t have their face on a poster, “I love having that platform to expose the general public to those names that may not be well known.”

Greenland is releasing a podcast each fortnight and will continue when Les Miserables moves to Manila and Singapore for its Asian tour. She plans to do some interviews with international performers.

I asked Greenland of all the performers out there in the music theatre world, who would she most like to interview?

“Oh, I really want to get to know Jemma Rix. I think she is phenomenal and I think she would be so interesting to chat to. She’s the one. Definitely. Dream interview person!” exclaimed Greenland.

Her listeners have asked if she will interview herself one day. She may do that in the future, but for now she’s busy talking to other people. Her cast members have been very supportive and keen to participate, although her resident director said he was nervous Greenland would leave the show to take up a a journalism career! Not likely when she’s having so much fun playing the role of Eponine.

Greenland has also started recording an EP and can reveal that she has recorded ‘On My Own’. The EP is due for release in February.

For now, she is busy with her podcasts. While she knows there are many of the “super fans” of Les Miserables who are enjoying her podcasts, she’s really pitching them at all the aspiring performers out there, regardless of their age.

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