Kala Gare had just finished the Sydney season of Six The Musical when the news came that the remaining tour had been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Being in a planned break from the show was, in someway, easier to cope with than it was for those who had their shows cancelled mid-season.

“We’d had a small goodbye, so it didn’t personally feel like the heartache and the heart thrown out of my chest.”

Six The Musical had been a huge opportunity for Kala Gare and had the Sydney season had critics raving.

“We were so lucky to have had the Sydney season – and to have fully had that season – and to have had the experience of what the show is and to have found our groove and where we all sit with it.”

Tonight, Kala Gare will have the opportunity to perform live again, but online as one of the many talented cast of Lights Up On The Arts – Not Done Yet. Gare will be singing ‘Show Yourself’ from Frozen 2.

“Isn’t it divine!” she exclaimed.

“That song! Every time I watched it, I cried. It’s a very beautiful song.”

Lights Up On The Arts is giving performers an opportunity to do what they love best – and get paid for their work.

“I had a rehearsal and I was just so excited to be in the same room as performers! I just want to be in the same room as people performing!”

Kala Gare is just one of many incredibly talented performers who will all take to the stage live, via Facebook. The event is open to anyone to watch online, with a Go Fund Me link allowing audiences to pay whatever they can afford, with all money raised going to the cast, crew and creatives involved on the night.

“We doing it with lots of love,” Gare commented, adding that she wants her performance and the show itself to give hope in what has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone.

And she has her fingers crossed in the hope that Six The Musical may return next year.

Lights Up On The Arts Not Done Yet is happening on Facebook from 7pm on Friday 19th June at this site: https://www.facebook.com/joshuarobsonproductions/