In 2017/18 Judith Lucy and Denise Scott toured their smash hit show Disappointments to every capital city and regional centre in Australia, selling more than 70,000 tickets.

The premise of the show was that their lives were perfect but the reality was that this was bullshit and both had taken to their beds because of personal and professional setbacks. Scotty and Jude sensed that talking about their mediocre lives and shattered dreams might strike a chord with the public and they were right. People loved embracing not just the comedians’ regrets but their own. Failure had never been this much fun!

Now thanks to the unravelling of the arts sector and, indeed, the planet due to COVID- 19 they feel the time is right for Disappointments – the zoom-cast. Before the pandemic it was just Scotty and Jude who’d taken to their beds to fall into a pit of self-loathing but thanks to isolation, the whole world has been forced to do the same thing. Talk about writing itself…

Join Scotty and Jude as they talk about NEW disappointments every Sunday at 5pm. Pour a wine or pop on the kettle and be part of this live event from the comfort of your lounge room. There will be chances to write in, zoom in and be part of a weekly virtual happening that promises to be at least as disappointing as the miserable bin fire that is humanity.

There will be 8 episodes of the Disappointments zoom-cast, with the first one airing on Sunday 2 August at 5pm. Audiences can purchase tickets episode to episode or watch all 8 episodes with a Disappointments Season Pass.

Who knows when you’ll get to see these two in a theatre again so why not enjoy their desperation and this thinly veiled cry for help in the comfort of your own living room? Judith and Denise really can’t wait to disappoint you all over again.

Pre Sale – Wednesday 15 July, 10am (AEST)

General Public On Sale – Friday 17 July, 10am (AEST)

 Venue:            Zoom, The Internet

Dates:             Each Sunday from Sunday 2 August to Sunday 20 September

Time:               5.00pm (AEST)

Ticket prices: From $15

Solo Viewing $15, Household viewing (2-4 people) $20, A Disappointment Party (4+) $30, Disappointed Season Pass $100