Josh Piterman (West Side Story, Hairspray UK Tour, An Officer and a Gentleman, Kismet, Children of Eden) knows just how special Blood Brothers really is.

“You don’t get to do this sort of thing all the time.”

He describes the musical Blood Brothers as being very similar to an episode of Game of Thrones. He explains that even when you know what is going to happen, you become so engrossed in the story line you end up fighting it in your own head and hoping it will end differently. He puts this down to a combination of good acting, good direction and a good story.

“It’s an incredible story and I think it’s just brilliant writing. You can’t help, as an audience member, but get engrossed in the plot and taken on the journey of these two boys and their mothers.” said Piterman, who takes on the role of Edward.

Piterman joins the cast of Blood Brothers for the season at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda; the new member of the cast, filling the role performed by Blake Bowden during the season at the Hayes Theatre. Piterman joins a star-studded cast of international standard including Michael Cormick, Helen Dallimore and Bobby Fox.

Piterman has plenty of personal experiences upon which to draw for his role of Edward – the twin handed over by his mother to be raised in a life of luxury. Piterman was private schooled himself, attending Melbourne’s prestigious Wesley College. However, he doesn’t see Edward as being a Wesley type of student. Edward wasn’t familiar with mixing with girls – so Piterman thinks his character would be more like a Xavier or Scotch College boy. Piterman has plenty of friends who attended these elite Melbourne schools to use as inspiration in his characterisation of Edward.

Piterman describes his character of Edward as being in a state of “ignorance is bliss”. Edward has been protected by his adoptive mother and it’s his new best friend (and twin brother) Mickey who introduces “Eddie” to a new world of freedom. The seven year old Edward only sees these new discoveries as exciting, but as he grows older the idea of what is right and wrong in these freedoms is clearer to Edward than it is to Mickey. Piterman explains that where Edward and Mickey sit on the social spectrum defines the choices they make in life.

Playing opposite Piterman as Edward’s twin brother, Mickey, the child raised in a life of poverty, is Bobby Fox, reprising the role that was critically applauded during the sold out season at the Hayes. Piterman and Fox already spend a lot of time together – both as friends and in working out together. When Piterman is not on the stage he runs a successful personal trainer and fitness business ‘Pitfit’ in St Kilda. The pair already have an established relationship and rapport that will make their on stage chemistry appear natural and all the more believable.

Bobby Fox and Josh Piterman

Bobby Fox and Josh Piterman

As for playing the role of a child, Piterman feels that will be easy. He says his whole approach to his life and work is to have fun. Piterman’s approach to fitness is to ensure it’s full of fun, games, laughter and childlike behaviour.

“I feel like I’m being a child every single day of the week! I love it!” said Piterman, admitting, “I do act like a kid a lot. If you caught me mucking around in my (fitness) studio …”

Watching grown actors playing the roles of 7 year olds is always entertaining and provides a lot of humour through the show. It provides the balance for what is a very tragic tale. It’s that humour and lightness through the show that Piterman says lures the audience into being so open and connected to the story, commenting, “That’s great writing.”

Blood Brothers is a very unique piece of music theatre. I don’t think we often get pieces that make us so emotional.”

Blood Brothers will make you laugh and take you on an incredibly emotional journey … Piterman suggests you bring your tissues.

Blood Brothers is now playing at The Alex in St Kilda for a limited season.

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