A self indulgent but witty media reel welcomes you to Joel Creasey’s show Blonde Bombshell, where he will take you on an hour of laugh out loud celebrity stories, awkward tales and stories from his life. As he put it: “I’m probably going to call celebrities fat for an hour and you’ll probably leave this show dumber, but god we’ll have some fun”- you will be beyond entertained.

Creasey’s comedy is much more intelligent and well pieced together than the media/ the internet/ haters would have you believe – sure it is mean and smutty but it has a strong narrative, is well rehearsed and takes you on a journey with him in the last year of his life and the magical and awkward things that happened to him, from meeting Cher at Mardi Gras, his awkward adventures covering Eurovision and releasing a book.

Pulling out his Burn Book, he shares the hate he receives off the internet, and his way of dealing with it – instead of block and forget, his preferred method is to stalk and respond with a savage burn, or to dob your heinous commentary into your supervisors, if you’ve made the unfortunate error of being an internet troll with your profile on public. Let him tickle your fancy with tales of his book tour, alongside former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and a dog with more Instagram followers that the two of them combined, or delight you with tales from the first season of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’. He’s a comedian for our modern social media, millennial age and he knows it, well on his way to fame (which he says is all he wants).

Does he ever stop for breath? Does he need to? The stories and jokes keep coming thick and fast and the energy in the room is bursting with side splitting, knee slapping energy. It’s self deprecating, it’s nearly too gay to function and it’s full of celebrity feuds and dick jokes, and it is one of the best nights of comedy I’ve experienced in a long time, and a true festival highlight for me.

Things you can credit yourself having learned at the end of the show: Kate DeAraugo from Australian Idol got nabbed for a trafficable amount of drugs in her car and a tomahawk (sorry Joel, she actually has avoided jail time it seems), and Cher’s favourite emoji is the cake emoji, and these facts will some day win you big money on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, unlike the lady who lost $32,000 not knowing who he was when he hosted Eurovision with Myf Warhurst in 2017.

He doesn’t care what you think of him, or what the haters think of him, but his self centred brand of mean but wickedly funny humour rates so well with a packed out Fairfax Studio. Five stars for you Glen Coco Joel Creasey, you go Joel Creasey.

Tickets and more info: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2018/shows/joel-creasey-blonde-bombshell