Jimeoin’s latest show, Renonsense Man is exactly that- classic nonsense, a loosely formed stand up comedy show that opens with a jig and closes with him taking his humour out for a spin on guitar. It’s a little bit like having a Irish daggy dad on the loose, after a few beers with just a few inappropriate jokes, and most of them are about your mum.

The ever evolving comedian’s loose form nonsense is straight up stand up comedy- with not too much of a plan, a spontaneous feel to the show and an occasional reference to the comedians go to joke note book. “I’m not really good at audience participation – but I’m trying” he states as he has a bit of a chat to the audience and the people down in front, commenting on how he sees that many other comedians get to rely on this bit, but he isn’t as great at it as he’d like to be.

His show roughly follows interactions with his wife, who would be horrified at the audience, a room full of people listening to him, he claims, and broad social interactions and social etiquette, as well as his interpretations of classical and contemporary dance and other funny stories that come to mind. It’s self deprecating and personal but not too serious and very relatable. With mentions like “We not so much married, as in a competition”, “Feminism as asking a woman to do it, so it actually gets done” and presenting love songs about premature ejaculation, and being balls deep in love, it’s a little bit naughty but well relates to the audience and the target age group of working to middle class Aussies, form 25 to 60 years old.

His comedy involves heavy facial expression work, which he does with gusto, pulling all sorts of faces and poses throughout the show, and taking great pleasure in discovering “the dark side” of the stage, which leads to its own stream of jokes and references throughout the show. It’s just a string of funny, everyday stories he has to share, in a relaxed vibe, not trying to teach or educate or preach too hard, just telling jokes and hanging out- it’s traditional stand up and it works for him. Some may ask whether his routine, or his jokes may be getting a bit old or tired, but for my first experience with his comedy, it was a great and relaxing night out having a few laughs, which is at the heart of all comedy festival shows.

For a night of classic stand up, Jimeoin plays at ACMI  until 23 April.

Tickets and more info: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2017/shows/jimeoin