It seems that Broadway just ain’t gettin’ nuff o' that big ol’ silver screen. Announced to be coming our way, seemingly with plans already in tow, are two big ‘uns; Jersey Boys and Into the Woods.

Oscar nominated John Logan, who previously screenplayed (yes, yes I just verbified a noun) Sweeney Todd into action is on board to do the same for Jersey Boys. Logan’s previous work includes the screenplays for Rango and Gladiator, meaning the Jersies should be in capable hands.

Into the Woods, that oh-so-wordy Sondheim forest frolic, is certainly a most exciting cinematic announcement for thespians all over the globe. Teaming up with Disney for the venture is director Rob Marshall, who was responsible for Nine, Chicago and the 1999 TV movie, Annie, on both direction and choreography fronts. Mention has also been made that Marshall is anticipating some new Sondheim tunes for the flick, but it seems that nothing has been confirmed as yet from reporting sources. It must be mentioned, however, that someone *does* need to give poor Rapunzel an aria. Let her use those top notes, Sondy!

Get excited TheatrePeople peeps, Broadway’s gettin’ jiggy with the cinema again! ….. mmm … popcorn.