Jeff Green is almost an Aussie. The UK comedian has an Australian wife, an Australian Visa and he knows the Australian sense of humour inside out.

With a last name like Green, really all the guy needs is some gold. Green has become a regular at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and his latest show, Happy Hour, finds him a little troubled.

Green is doing his darndest to savour the fleeting moments of joy that seem to come few and far between as you get older. While Green seems like the kind of bloke kid you’d be more than happy to go a few rounds with at the pub after work, don’t let the title fool you. Now in fifties, Green delves into the quiet ache of ageing in a set that’s surprisingly introspective.

For all the minor theatrics (an inner monologue and a poem) Green’s seems at his most comfortable (and funniest) when ploughing into the fodder used by so many other comics: family. During early parts of the show, Green spins stories about his wife and two kids (lovingly named Lucifer and Voldemort) with keenly observed touches from the joy of falling in love to the pain of kneeling on Lego. A story of performing on a cruise ship to senior citizens is lapped up by the Friday crowd. ‘I don’t know if they found me funny, but they did wet themselves’ Green cheekily quipped.

The trouble with catching comics right at the start of the festival is that they’re still ironing out the kinks, tightening transitions and getting over jet lag. In Green’s case, the seasoned pro did seem a little nervous and even paused to look at his notes. ‘I’ve lost you,’ Green admitted as the show sagged towards it’s slightly muddle conclusion. However it’s Green’s effortless charm that makes you want to follow him right to the end of a very happy hour indeed.