It’s been a difficult week for the musical theatre community and in particular, the fans of Jan van de Stool – the “fan de Stools”. It’s also been a difficult week for Jan van de Stool herself.

When Jan van de Stool was robbed of the opportunity to reach the grand final of Australia’s Got Talent, the disappoint for everyone was evident. Van de Stool took to bananas (and we believe some vodka), despite calls for her to have her own television program or even run for Prime Minister.

The Woy Woy Scout Hall, where van de Stool runs her music therapy workshops, provided a suitable venue for Jan to run through what would have been her grand final number. She’s a little embarrassed by the performance but, thankfully, her pianist, Helen, uploaded the footage for everyone to enjoy.

Helen feels this is the best singing she’s heard from Jan. Jan is not so happy with the performance.

You decide …


Jan van de Stool will be presenting her music therapy workshop, I Get The Music In You at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) from March 24th through to April 17th.

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