Sometimes there is a major talent discovered on television talent contest shows. Other times, the country discovers the major talent that already exists. Such is the case with Queenie van de Zandt. Queenie van de Zandt has a long list of credentials in cabaret, television and musical theatre (most recently in Into The Woods and King Kong).Her audition workshops have helped many adult and child performers successfully gain roles in professional productions.

Although highly regarded within the theatre industry, Queenie van de Zandt is now becoming known to the rest of Australia,  not as Queenie, but as her alter ego Jan van de Stool. Jan van de Stool is a Dutch/Australian Musical Therapist who helps “tens of people” at Woy Woy Scout Hall with her musical therapy courses. She is married to Pieter, her husband and cousin.

This Sunday, 6th March (channel 9 at 8pm) Jan van de Stool returns to Australia’s Got Talent for her semi-final. Although she admits she would normally not ask people to watch a talent show, she is asking for our help this time.

Jan Van De Stool on tv
Jan van de Stool promises to make the audience laugh and to “subtly further the cause of musical theatre through my satirical take on a talent show contestant”.If she isn’t chosen by the judges to go straight through to the Grand Final she’ll need the public votes to get through. That’s where we can help.

As Queenie van de Zandt explains,” Please vote for Jan – because Jan has the most stunning thing planned for the Grand Final and it would be a travesty for Australia not to see it! I can’t tell you what it is but I will say it has to do with a combination of three things: Frozen + Jan singing + and what happens when a spirit takes over someone’s body.”

Australia needs to see that.

“Tune in this Sunday 6th and help me make a 14 year long dream come true… #DreamsHaveNoUseByDate.

Jan van de stool profile pic