James Valentine and HG Nelson

Live Ideas & The Concourse, Chatswood present

James Valentine
with H.G. Nelson & Margaret Throsby in


“A Gala Party, because 2017 needs Roasting!”

James Valentine returns with an exclusive ‘one off’ show… just because 2017 has been so great! From Trump to Trolls to Turnbull and Tony, from Weiner to Weinstein to Wilkinson, it really is a year to be proud of.

It’s been a great year to be a dual citizen, to pay an electricity bill, to vote in a national survey where the vote didn’t count – it’s a year of innovation and agility like we’ve never seen before.

James thinks “it’s a year we should remember because it’s one we want to forget”.

Special guest H.G. Nelson will join James for a live meeting of the Even Greater Sydney Planning Committee, a two-person body that oversees all other NSW planning committees. As well as reviewing some of the top notch decision-making in planning this year – how good is the Light Rail and West Connex? We’ll be awarding the Berejiklian Prize for Excellence In Urban Development.

Watch a video message from the Even Greater Sydney Planning Committee- LIVE!

And if that’s not enough, we’re proud to announce broadcasting legend Margaret Throsby to the line-up. Together Margaret and James will determine the new standards of behaviour in social deportment required in 2017!

Margaret says, “I barely knew how to cut a sandwich correctly or reply to a bitmoji greeting before I started talking with James!”

Joined by H.G. Nelson and one of Australia’s favourite broadcasters Margaret Throsby, together they will remember the strange, the weird, the really quite ordinary and the damn right mediocre moments that made 2017 a year to forget.

Back to the Concourse by popular demand, James Valentine and his ABC Radio Sydney Afternoons regulars will look back at the year and do the only thing that makes sense…laugh.

Note: This show is ABC certified to be both fair and balanced….


Where: The Concourse, Concert Hall, Chatswood
When: Wednesday 29 November 2017
Time: 8pm
Tickets: $60.00, $55 Concession plus Ticketek handling fee
Bookings: www.theconcourse.com.au or 02 8075 8111 or Ticketek 1300 795 012 www.ticketek.com.au