The Broken Blue Skies Live! Tour will see Ivy Blue (real name James Brodie) perform music from his back-catalog (including forthcoming studio album Still Running) while telling stories from his autobiography “Broken Blue Skies”, which was written about growing up in Te Aroha, New Zealand and discovering a love of the performing arts while battling Autism, ADHD, and varying degrees of mental health problems. The show also features video projections that are designed to the show as the story of James’s life progresses. The aim of these shows on the Australian Broken Blue Skies Live! Tour is to raise awareness of Autism and ADHD through the personal first-hand experiences of a person who has lived with these neurological disorders and mental health issues and has become a better person for it.

This show will play in Melbourne for one night only on January 23rd at The Butterfly Club Theatre and will be the final show of the tour after opening at the Sideshow Festival in Sydney on January 16th and two shows in Perth on January 18th and 19th 2020 at the Stevenson Theatre. While we are aware that there are festivals occurring in Melbourne at the same time as our visit, we are not associated with these events and we are performing in Melbourne in our own right.

January 23, 2020 at 8.30