In a world where the private right to urinate is denied due to a water shortage, mayhem ensues. Assistant Urinal Custodian, Bobby Strong, steps up against 'the man' – a megacorporation called 'Urine Good Company' – to start a  revolution in the name of peeing freely. 

Written by Greg Kotis, Urinetown is a satirical musical comedy which sprung from Kotis' travels to Europe – where he frequently travelled on a budget, and felt pained by having to pay to use public toilets. Old Carey Performing Arts Club takes this story of corporate mismanagement and social irresponsibility to the stage for their first ever major musical. With OCPAC taking a fresh, youthful perspective onto the stage, Urinetown hints at a looming new era of politics – where the habits of society are directed and managed by government bodies in an attempt to keep everything under control.

Theatre People spoke to leading lady Georgia Pandel, who plays rich daddy's girl turned revolutionist, Hope Cladwell. With a developing passion for, and dedication to the stage, Georgia was initially attracted to the production due to OCPAC's high standards and professionalism – a stark contrast to the grubby, slovenly topic surrounding Urinetown itself. You would assume that working on a company's first ever major musical would be stressful, though Georgia reports that rehearsals were "productive and above all else, fun… with Josh Robson (director) and his sidekicks Sam Hooper (choreographer), Daniel Donovan (music director) and Josh Gavin (assistant director) directing the way, stress has been minimal for the cast, as strong team bonding was an early priority in the production process."

Urinetown by OCPAC is everything you do not expect from a night out at the theatre – from socio-political warfare to disgusting urinals. However, at the same time it is everything you want a musical to be – a tale of love, hope and laughter.


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