The G&S Society are looking for a new crowd of dynamic and gifted performers… Are you what they are looking for?!

Leonie Cambage is scouring the Musical Theatre Community for performers to join her Chorus of Iolanthe because she loves the energy and performances she has observed from Melbourne’s Musicals scene. Granted, she recognises that doing a G&S is a bit different from doing Hair or Legally Blonde, but she says there is still a lot to be gained! “Iolanthe is a bit different from some of the other G & S shows. Firstly – lots of dance for the fairies – and we have a terrific choreographer – Emily Fraser, who knows how to work with dancers as well as singers – she’s full of ideas and is ready to take the cast as far as they are prepared to go (and a bit further!). And it’s a love story – the fairy Iolanthe has been banished for life, forbidden to stay with the man she loves, because mixed marriages between fairies and mortals are illegal in Fairyland – so really that’s West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet and Fiddler on the Roof and Sweeney Todd – and the rest! Iolanthe and her love are re-united at the end – but now he’s grown old and she’s as young as when they first met…(sobbing here!)”

Leonie wants her production to be more than just the standard G&S productions we see, no standing around and singing here! “How will it be different? IT WILL BE MANIC!!! I can say that probably the main differences will be – the fairies are all individuals, and will be given fairy names and characters to play with – plus they’ll be dressed in a bizarre range of costumes – like fairies, with wings and tiaras, but because they are immortal, they’ve all picked out clothes from different eras that they like – so while they’ll all be in fairy silver and blue, some will have great big hooped petticoats, some will have gigantic bustles, some will have huge panniers on, some will have renaissance pointed hats on, some will have teacups and grandfather clocks in their hair… . And – the Peers – although of course they have to be dignified – will be very, very active – and will be constantly assuming bizarre aristocratic postures – like fops on speed! And the Peers’ procession will be totally original I promise….let’s just say it involves a typical form of Victorian-era transport, instead of the customary processing!”

So if you’re stuck for a show and are looking for something a bit different, this is what Iolanthe can promise potential choristers:
• A fun, friendly, supportive and really creative experience working alongside excellent soloists
• A well-organised rehearsal period
• An excellent creative team – Emily Fraser Choreographing and Nigel McBain Conducting (Note from Ed: Plus Leonie, who is quite an experienced Director, but she didn’t want to say herself of course)
• A gorgeous set design – by Katherine Branch (VCA graduate) – think lace doilies and Narnia jokes and weird and wonderful fairy magic
• Fabulous costumes – designed by Jeminah Reidy (VCA graduate)
• And lots to do – this is a show where the chorus have tons to sing, dance and do – the Chorus is onstage heaps!

For more information – please contact Leonie at [email protected]