What if you could get more people to get to your arts events in your city AND help increase the company’s exposure to people who love to go out? Sound too good to be true? Well, it used to be; but not anymore.

RushCrowds was designed for people who promote/present/produce shows; it gives you a way to get more people to your shows via a special offer platform, and you set the limits to what you want to offer. What’s best about it is that, currently, it’s free! Some of Australia's top arts organisations, writers, and individuals are using it to create awareness of their shows and to get bums on seats.

RushCrowds connects people who like to go out with location-based activities and happenings. Promoters and advertisers display events that are promoted via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and there is usually a special offer available just for RushCrowders.

The RushCrowds iPhone app allows you to quickly and easily offer cheap tickets to all sorts of shows and events, from dance to drama to Picasso and everything else in between. And it’s free for your audience to use.

RushCrowds is a brand new start up that has city-wide lists of people who love to go to arts events. People who use RushCrowds receive exclusive discounts to their favourite shows while helping you promote the shows, guaranteeing more freebies and special offers for audiences in the future!

To secure the offer all they have to do is share the event with their Twitter followers or Facebook friends and then they are issued with the special promotion or discount code! Plus, once someone has attended your event they can contribute to the RushCrowds community by rating and reviewing it –  so other RushCrowders can benefit too.

RushCrowds is a new venture from Fiona Boyd and David Eedle (co-founders of Arts Hub and Screen Hub), Ed Dowling (arts/stage management freelancer), and Michelle Nicol (founder of social media agency Sociophile who also has a long history in big ad. agencies). With these names behind the project we reckon this is going to be huge.

To receive event notifications follow @RushCrowdsMelb or @RushCrowdsSyd on Twitter. There is also a corporate Twitter account (@RushCrowds), and a blog that will keep you up to date as RushCrowds develops.

If people don’t Tweet, there’s always the iPhone app. Through the app they can subscribe to cities and receive offer notifications direct to their phone. The app also features information about all the top venues in town, as well as one-tap access to the latest tweets, reviews, and check-ins.

In a recent discussion on our Facebook page, a vast majority of responders said that theatre tickets are too expensive. Sure, there was discussion of lotteries and student rush, but RushCrowds lets audiences benefit from an abundance of arts offers without you needing to get to the theatre hours in advance or even be a student!

As much as RushCrowds makes things easy for those of you who are promoters, it also simplifies everything for those who just want to get out to live arts more often, for less. By bringing special discounts and free offers to shows, the cost of going to more of the arts events you love is significantly reduced.

I’ve already got the app – see you at an event soon!

Please note: RushCrowds is currently only available for Sydney and Melbourne. They will be expanding shortly.