Theatre People Newsroom, today caught up with the immensely talented star of stage, and more recently,  screen;

Stephen Mahy


Congratulations on your journey with I Will Survive and making it to the final 5. Being a reality television show, was the experience everything you had anticipated?
It was so much more than I anticipated.  Wearing heels was one thing but sharing a room with another person. Oh help me.


 Who was your favourite guest judge to work with and what advice did they leave you with?

 Asher was amazing. She just spoke of being true to yourself and showing something from behind the eyes.

What would you say, would be the most important things to you, which you have learnt and taken from the experience of being involved with I Will Survive?
Not to care so much about the small stuff. Sing like you used to sing as a little kid in the mirror and have fun or change it.

Australia got to know and love you as Bob Gaudio in the hugely successful Melbourne and Sydney seasons, of Jersey Boys. Do you ever miss donning the red jacket and Jersey accent each night?
Sometimes I do. I loved that show. I would love to perform with Ant Harkin as Tommy. But I did perform with the "A" team. Scott Johnson, Glaston Toft and my main man The dancing fox, Bobby!



One of your Jersey Boys cast mates, Bobby Fox, went on to record an EP. Is this a field you would be interested in exploring?
Not the same style but maybe a Music Theatre album. Think Anthony Warlow  best of act one. If it's half of what he can do I'll be happy. 

You’re performing at Light The Night 2012 benefit concert, on the 22nd of this month. Can you tell us what we can expect to see and hear from you on the night?
Shaun Rennie, Michael Falzon and I will be singing Pretty Lady. We sang it at Side by Side at the beginning of the year, loved it, so we are singing it again.

Now that you’re a theatre AND television star, what can we expect to see from Stephen Mahy next?
I am heading to Manila at the end of November for 4 weeks. But look out for a St George commercial. It's going to be a fun one.


Stephen, thank you so much for your time. Congrats on I Will Survive and chookas with your upcoming future endeavours.
You can see Stephen & a mass of talented artists, at Light The Night 2012, on Monday 22nd October at City Recital Hall Angel Place.