**** stars

Award-winning jazz singer Jessie Gordon is playing a few gigs during Perth Fringe World 2020 including her solo, partly improvised show Out of the Loop at the Ellington Jazz Club. Gordon enters the stage dressed in a glittery jumpsuit and seems immediately at ease and is charming to the ample audience at the club. After introducing herself, Gordon explains the functions of the loop pedal that she’s going to use throughout the show. It’s a very interesting way to begin the show and proves ingenious as the constant changes, additions, and effects implemented with a push of a button demonstrate Gordon’s skill with this device. More amazing is Gordon’s effortless use of her own voice when building on a song and the backing that creates a fullness of sound. Gordon has an incredible agility and awareness of her strengths.

Though the format fits within the realm of jazz performances the show felt more like we had been invited to be part of a jam session. It was extremely static as the constant use of the loop pedal restricted Gordon’s movement, nevertheless, Gordon’s prowess and affability are an engaging combination.

Out of the Loop is showing until 1st February at the Ellington Jazz Club, Beaufort Street at 8.30pm.

Tickets $31.00 to $36.00

Bookings: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/jessie-gordon-is-out-of-the-loop-fw2020