Australian premiere of immersive Fassbinder’s Blood on the Cat’s Neck to open KXT’s PopUpstairs

Montague Basement kicks off KXT’s brand new space The Bordello and their inaugural PopUpstairs program with an immersive production of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Blood on the Cat’s Neck

First performed in 1971, Montague Basement will present the Australian premiere of this hilarious and horrifying underperformed masterpiece which follows Phoebe Zeitgeist, an alien who has been sent to the earth from a distant star to write an eyewitness account of human democracy.

But Phoebe Zeitgeist has a difficulty: although she has learned the words, she doesn’t understand human language.

Seen through the eyes of the alien Phoebe Zeitgeist, Rainer Werner Fassbinder weaves a tapestry of petty nastiness, jealousy, insecurity, bullying and domination as an ever-shifting cast of characters move closer towards Phoebe’s orbit and their own bloody fate. 

“I think the theatre being made in Germany in the 1970s is really worth reexamining today,” says director Saro Lusty-Cavallari. “It’s so haunted by the stain of Nazism, of what these artists’ parents did, that there’s a really constructive sense of nastiness and misanthropy at play.”

“With Fassbinder, I think all his work is trying to find fascism in the micro, in our everyday interactions – it’s kind of the anti-Brecht in that sense. It’s a sweeping look at all the different ways we tear each other down, exploit each other and look for the cause of our problems in people less powerful than us.”

“These issues were really plaguing the children of the Nazi generation and I think they’re sadly increasingly relevant today as the world keeps sliding back to that poisonous ideology.”

As the first performance as part of KXT’s exciting new PopUpstairs program, Kings Cross Hotel’s unique Bordello room will be transformed into an immersive theatrical experience that is sure to be an unforgettable night out.
“When we met with the team at KXT they told us point blank that they thought the play was unperformable,” says director Saro Lusty-Cavallari. “Fortunately they had just begun the amazing new PopUpstairs program.”

“We’ve basically been handed the space and told to go ahead. They had no idea how we were going to do it but they wanted to see us try. While I understand why it’s not often the case, I really wish we had more of that attitude in our creative spaces.”

“Bizzare, nasty and unperformable… It’ll be a blast!”

What: Blood on the Cat’s Neck 
When: May 22 – June 1 | 7pm | plus 2pm matinee on Saturday May 25 and 4:30pm matinee on Sunday May 26
Where: The Bordello, Level 4, KXT (Sydney)
How much: $20 – $30