Living here in Melbourne, we are lucky enough to be host to the Melbourne Fringe Festival, an organisation with the aim to promote individual and independent artists. The result of this, is that throughout the year we get to pick from a range of incredibly unique shows, from cabarets to comedies to music performances – each one offering something entirely new to it’s audiences. We have an endless selection of theatrical entertainment at our fingertips.

So how do we choose what to see? Let us help you out a little bit by focusing the spotlight on one show in particular. It’s name? I Am Super, Man.

Conceived, written and performed by Michael Connell , I Am Super, Man, promises to ‘save the citizens of Melbourne from boredom’ with his new comedy show.

“The show asks why we’re happy to settle for average,” explains Connell. “Why do we shlub through life, rather than do our best? Why is the world full of Clark Kents instead of Supermen? Plus there are jokes about superheroes because I’m a big nerd.”

This self-proclaimed nerd has been travelling the comedy scene, performing stand up comedy all around Australia, Ireland, the UK and New Zealand. But his busy schedule doesn’t stop him from creating new jokes to share with Melbourne audiences. “I’m really excited about this show, and I’ve been working hard to develop a new hour of material since the start of the year, so it’ll be great to get a chance to show everyone what I’ve been working on all this time.”

With a name like I Am Super, Man, we’ll be expecting a lot of comic book references, which is great for those readers out there, but for those of us who have never delved into the world of the comic-book, Connell says not to worry. “People have been asking me; "Is it all about comic books?" It's not. I do make some jokes about superheroes, but really anyone will get the jokes in this show. You don't need to have read every Superman comic book, as long as you like laughing you'll have a good time.”

This class clown has been making people laugh ever since childhood. Having dabbled in juggling as a youngster, Connell spent a few years with small circuses, entertaining the crowds even at the young age of thirteen. His comedy career took off after entering Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Class Clowns Competition and he hasn’t looked back since. With nine festival performances to his name, as well as four finalist places in Comedy competitions and a handful of television appearances under his belt, Connell is certainly a practiced comedian, and one who has treaded every board there is to tread in Melbourne.

““I’ve performed in Fringe Festival many times before with great success,” says Michael, “Plus the festival has always been very supportive.”  

So add I Am Superman to your list of shows to see at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and make sure you don’t miss out on what promises to be a hilarious jaunt into the world of the ‘Clark Kent’ society that we live in.

Michael Connell will be performing in “I Am Super, Man” 6:45pm September 23rd to October 8th at the Lithuanian Club North Melbourne.
Tickets $20/$18 concession.
Bookings essential: (03) 9660 9666 or