Caity Fowler – I Am Another Yourself
The Butterfly Club, Carson Place


With a rich and varied twenty – year history, The Butterfly Club in Carson Place plays host to many different performers and routines. Each year, the beloved venue features an astonishing three hundred productions alone. Shows range from quiz nights, stand – up comedy, improvisation and cabaret.  The list goes on.

During the past two decades, both up – and – coming and established artists have graced the venue’s intimate space.  Many in, fact got their big break here. Some of these names include Tim Minchin, Eddie Perfect, Jemma Rix, Amanda Harrison and Kurt Phelan. Just to name a few.

Caity Fowler is a rare talent. Blessed with an ethereal singing voice, she is also a natural philosopher and a woman of tremendous faith.

(Though based in Melbourne, this is also her first appearance at the renowned club since 2012. With her band, ‘Playwrite’, it should be noted that Fowler recently toured Australia, too.)

I Am Another Yourself is a stripped – back amalgam of original folk music and personal anecdotes. Playing only an acoustic guitar for accompaniment, her deceptively simple act explores the power of human connection with pleasant detail and a wistful narrative.

Supported by friends and loved ones in the audience on opening night, Fowler noted that it was quite the family reunion. Which, given that she had last seen many of them since being married a year ago, was exactly the relaxed and comfortable mood being felt in the room.  There seemed to be a lot of love to go around.

With a swift sixty minute running – time, Fowler covers both stories about her life, in conjunction to both the immediate and greater world. Current events also provide inspiration, as making music is a spontaneous process for her. Though Fowler rarely watches television news, one song she played was in fact written in reaction to the execution of the two Australians imprisoned in Bali.

That is not to say the show isn’t without moments of gentle humour and amusement.

Fowler confesses to both an addiction to self – help books and a passion for Nancy Meyers movies.  Meyers is the American director of big – budget films such as ‘The Parent Trap’, ‘What Women Want’, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’, ‘The Holiday’, ‘It’s Complicated’, and ‘The Intern’. They, as Fowler puts it, are her ‘happy place’.

When listening to Fowler’s tunes, somehow the interest makes perfect sense.  Not only are Fowler’s smart and considered lyrics highly accessible, these compositions have tremendous commercial appeal, too. Her tunes could easily provide powerful backing to any one of the director’s works.

As the show progressed, this reviewer was becoming increasingly immersed in the experience. Thanks to solid technical support, Fowler creates a wall of sound that she modulates as needed.  Much to my delight and surprise, this element provided me with moments of self – reflection, too.

Overall, the atmosphere harks back to a more innocent time in coffee houses and concert halls around the United States and Australia, where the likes of Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and our own Shirley Jacobs empowered their fans with hope, focus and strength. 

Whether one has or hasn’t a religious background or spiritual guide for support, shouldn’t be a contributing factor. Fowler’s uplifting music, refreshing candor and intelligent presentation are reasons enough to see this show.

I Am Another Yourself is playing at The Butterfly Club until October 30th.