Lost in the bliss of foreign travel, Imogen joyfully succumbs to the spoils of Western privilege. Returning to Scotland, a harsh society confronts her. Dangerous politicians prevail, the media sells fictions masquerading as reality, an ocean of social media sympathy pours forth for Western terror victims, yet backs turn on the migrant crisis.

What staggering hypocrisy.

A seamless blend of sharp spoken word poetry, dark comedy and original music, #Hypocrisy reminds us that in complacency lies the most heart-stopping terror.

Imogen Stirling is an award winning performance poet, musician and theatre maker from Scotland. Following sell out runs at Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Prague Fringe Festival, Imogen brings #Hypocrisy to Australia on her debut Australian tour.

Imogen performs at The Butterfly Club from 13th – 18th of January, and as part of Midsumma Festival from 20th to 25th of January.

Accessible shows will be performed at Hares and Hyenas in Fitzroy on 28th January at 7pm and 9pm, before

Imogen heads to Adelaide Fringe Festival at Nexus Arts Theatre from 14th – 16th February.

www.imogenstirling.com | @imogen_stirling | [email protected]