Following a sell out season in 2016, the six First Nation women of Hot Brown Honey return to the hive in a no-filter celebration of femininity. Led by queen bee and host, Busty Beatz, the crazy talented Honeys take racial and woman stereotypes, rip them up and fire them out of a glitter gun.

Hot Brown Honey is unreservedly unapologetic in its challenging view of being a woman and doesn’t care if you are offended. Any political correctness needs to be left at the door, otherwise it’s a big middle finger and “f**k you” to you.

Busty Beatz, Lisa Fa’alafi, Ofa Fotu, Matehaere Hope ‘Hope One’ Haami, Crystal Stacey and Ghenoa Gela are bold, brave and beautiful as they take the audience on a journey exploring their cultural backgrounds, womanhood and unique skills.

2. HotBrownHoney_Hair_(front L to R) Juanita Duncan

The cast of Hot Brown Honey (Photo by Dylan Evans)

Fotu has a stunningly clear, deeply soulful voice; ‘Hope One’ Haami is a bonafide beatboxing superstar; what Fa’alafi can do with a simple leaf will astound you and Stacey is hysterical as a hulla-hooping Aussie tourist in Bali.

Stacey also delivers one of the most haunting, confronting and stunning stirrup acts I’ve ever seen which, for me, was one of the highlights of the night.

The stage design is simple, the costume changes are part of the comedy routine, and the show moves along at a cracking pace.

Hot Brown Honey is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. It has an extremely strong sense of voice, purpose and view. The power of the show is in its ability to be intensely thought-provoking and terrifically entertaining at the same time.

Hot Brown Honey
shake it up in the Studio until July 2.