Featuring 24 prominent Melburnians including Magda Szubanski, Sigrid Thornton, Kate Kendall, Max Gillies and Jack Charles, a FREE 12 hour marathon reading of Homer’s Odyssey by Melbourne’s Stork Theatre can be seen at MPavilion on 1 December 2018 from 11am to 11pm.

This event will be a world first featuring the new translation from the original Greek by Professor Emily Wilson from the University of Pennsylvania, the first woman to translate The Odyssey into English. Her fresh, contemporary text eradicates the traditional sexism of previous translations and allows the female characters, human and divine, to reveal their agency, intensity, power and emotion.

Homer’s Odyssey is the ultimate humanist epic. Stork Theatre brings alive the story of a complicated man in an equally complicated world. Hero of the Trojan War, creator of the Wooden Horse, warrior, lover, father, husband, mass murderer and war-torn soldier learning how to live again.

The 12,000 line script will be read in its entirety over this 12 hour extravaganza event. The readings are organised into six sections of four chapters each, with each actor reading one chapter.

Audiences are invited to come and go as they please whether they stop by for their favourite chapter or bring a picnic and settle in for the whole journey.

PART ONE FROM 11:00AM – The Hero’s Son featuring Helen of Troy. Read by Magda Szubanski, Jack Charles, Richard Piper and Carolyn Bock.

PART TWO FROM 1:00PM – Enter Odysseus featuring Athena and Calypso. Read by Sabrina D’Angelo, Max Gillies, Alex Pinder and Denis Moore.

PART THREE FROM 3:00PM –The Adventures featuring the Cyclops, Sirens, lotus eaters and Circe. Read by Neil Pigot, Caroline Lee, Peter Craven and Dimity Shepherd.

PART FOUR FROM 5:00PM – The Homecoming featuring Odysseus’ reunion with his son Telemachus. Read by Sigrid Thornton, Ross Campbell, Sean Scully and Naomi Rukavina.

PART FIVE FROM 7:00PM – The Hero’s Wife featuring Penelope. Read by Natasha Herbert, Melodie Reynolds, Rod Mullinar and Dimitrios Michalopoulos, the Greek Consul General.

PART SIX FROM 9:00PM – The Return of the King featuring the archery contest, the slaughter of the suitors and the bed test. Read by Kate Kendall, Marco Chiappi, John- Marc Desengano and Alexander Madden.

The free event on 1 December will coincide with the publishing of The Odyssey in paperback, which will be for sale by Readings on the day.

Homer’s Odyssey by Stork Theatre


11am – 11pm, Saturday 1 December 2018

MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens opp. Arts Centre Melbourne

For further information on Stork Theatre, visit www.storktheatre.com.au