Home Grown‘s planned staging of Tragic: A Song Cycle by Indy Angel was cancelled due to the coronavirus restrictions. However, in true “the show must go” style, Home Grown is bringing this concert presentation to you.

Each night, one video will be released online, allowing audiences to experience this incredible new music in the comfort of their own homes.

Tragic features an amazing cast: Maggie McKenna, Ruva, Natalie Abbott, Chloé Zuel, Loren Hunter, Samm Hagen, James Majoos, Karis Oka, Sean Donehue, Indy Angel, Harriet Angel and Sam Richardson.

The first song has been released tonight – ‘Regardless’ performed by Maggie McKenna.



 The remaining eleven songs will be released each night at 6.30pm. One song per night in  a rolling release concert.

Tragic: a song cycle by Indy Angel  features music and lyrics by Indy Angel

For more information about this song and to purchase the sheet music go to: http://www.homegrownaus.com/store/regardless-by-indy-angel

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