Ryan Gonzalez is a triple threat performer who swoons the ladies (and gentleman) in his solo Cabaret Hispanic Attack at Chapel off Chapel. Despite the title, you don’t have to be of Hispanic heritage to engage with this performance. Gonzales parodies an alter ego Latin superstar with a catalogue of pop hits from artists such as Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez.

His charisma fills the theatre and almost makes it feel like a stadium spectacular. Far from “insert song here” jukebox cabarets, the script (written by Richard Carroll) maintains its integrity following seamlessly from dialogue to song. Gonzalez performs hilarious Hispanic interpretations from pop to musical theatre. Often one-man/woman cabarets seem to be produced as an excuse for artists to sing their favourite songs. However, this production offers a solid script that drives the show.

Ryan Gonzalez in Hispanic Attack. Photo by Victoria Wildie

Gonzales delivers an excellent performance from his impressive vocals to dance. Coming from a full split into standing, audiences thrived from his energy on stage. Choreography by Amy Campbell is well thought out and perfectly executed.

The audience refused to leave their seats after the show waiting for an encore. As the usher stood open to open the door you could hear the disappointment as the audience were deprived of another Hispanic attack!

Full of laughs, swift pelvic thrusts and songs interrupted with audience applause, Hispanic Attack is a must see show.

The show has not announced another season. Be sure to check the facebook page for any updates – www.facebook.com/hispanicattack16/?fref=ts