The audience lined up along the staircase wall leading up to the top of the Errol Street Cafe to be immediately consumed by darkness which in turn became a character within itself, affecting the mood and plot of the play.

Seeing this show, it is undeniably obvious that use of lighting is a key artistic focus of the creator. Through this, combined with the simplistic nature of the set, the audience felt as though they were intruding on the privacy of the two characters. The darkness truly was able to capture the focus of those who looked on which forced their other senses to heighten, really allowing for the script and subtleties of the character’s voices to be key in understanding Ben Schiffer’s intentions.

The script cleverly uses pillow talk to show the clear vulnerabilities of the two characters to varying degrees. Richard Edge’s direction was clean and perfectly executed allowing the audience to still be able to fully engage despite having to engage even to the point of hearing every rise and fall of the actors’ breathing.

Riley Nottingham demonstrated sheer masculinity with boyish charm which was the perfect combination to the raw numbness portrayed by Bundy Marston that had all those who looked on intrigued by the odd sense of ephemeral beauty that came from this. The two actors’ chemistry was evident from the initial subtle movements that one could see as they walked in which created a feeling of us delving into their most intimate thoughts and feelings in a natural setting.

Having been aware of the television show Skins and the style of writing which is common to that of Ben Schiffer, I came into this performance with a level of expectation which was thoroughly fulfilled. The oscillating nature of the story and movement throughout the bedroom drew in everyone’s feelings for the two almost tragic characters with minuscule moments of light.

It is a true representation of the thoughts of emerging adults in the face of love and desire which can often drive one to a point of breaking. His Ghostly Heart is playing until the 3rd of October and is definitely not to be missed.