“Hell is Other People– Love is the drug” is raw, honest and in your face.

The multi-talented Jess Love presents an honest and raw performance which takes the audience on a life’s journey, an autobiography, opening up her experiences and feelings regarding love, sex, betrayal, emotional abuse, addiction and obsession to the audience.

Each section has a new beginning, which sees Love naked thrown (yes she throws herself) onto the stage as she thrashes about to find her feet and then ponders through the emotional aspect in focus.

You are reminded that “Everything is about sex. Except for sex. Which is about power

The saying is attributed to Oscar Wilde during the performance.

It’s a reasonably well-paced production allowing time for the audience to ponder and consider what they have just seen, the circustry and agility of Love is not missed, along with the battering her body goes through in hitting the stage so many times, I also admired her bravery in skating around at such high speeds, along with her use of the hula hoop, which has become part of her trademark.

 This is not a show for everyone; however, those who know of Jess’s work will not be disappointed.