Charles Dickens’s seminal work A Christmas Carol is one of those stories that everyone knows. Even if you have not read the novel, or seen one of its many adaptations on stage or screen, it is a parable of charity and compassion that rings relevant eternally.

The story of the Christmas miser forced to confront his failings and become a better man through supernatural intervention is iconic. The name Scrooge lingers in popular culture as a term for a bitter, miserable skinflint. The imagery of the spirits that haunt on Christmas Eve – the ethereal Past, the jolly Present, the sinister Future – is striking and indelible in the way that all great Dickensian writing is.  And yet, Charles Dickens – upon commencing the writing of his Yuletide fantasy – did not intend for it to spark the modern obsession that Western civilisation has with Christmas.  It was a publication designed merely to pay his bills!  How lucky then for Dickens – and every soul that has read or seen his story since – that it has resonated in the public consciousness and turned into a seasonal touchstone, and in England at least is regarded as THE Christmas Story.

HTC Youth 2019 is very pleased to be bringing its own adaptation of A Christmas Carol to the stage this December. The production is written by returning writers Erich Fordham and Ryan Purdey, marking their sixth consecutive writing credit within the company after 2018’s Alice In Wonderland.

December 6 – 14, or the Box Office on 9457 4117