Presented by Laughing Stock Productions                             

Have you always wanted to tell that bloke off the telly he’s not funny? Or think you have a better punchline?

HECKLE! is the brand-new, raucous late night comedy line-up show that throws out the rule book and lets the audience say what they want, when they want. It’s the only show you won't get kicked out of.

If you reckon you have what it takes to challenge the sharpest comedy brains at the Festival, then be our guest – let’s see how the professionals cope. Or just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

It’s time comedy got back to what it used to be – fun, spontaneous and live. In an age where stand-up comics now have directors, their shows have scripts and tickets cost $50, HECKLE! strips this all back, and separates the actors/performers/artists or whatever they put on their passport, and delivers a show with people who call themselves comedians: people who are funny, think on their feet and can make you laugh, not because they rehearsed it, but because they just thought of it.

Brought to you by the producers of Chopper’s Big F**ken Late Show, HECKLE! will be hosted by only the funniest and thickest-skinned comics at the Fringe – plus a different line up of top-name performers to be thrown to the wolves.

The performers are going to hate this.


HECKLE! scares me shitless, but I’m excited.” –  Harley Breen

“I expect there to be blood. I just hope it’s not mine” –  Heath Franklin


Venue: The Athenaeum Theatre

Dates: Fri/Sat Only 27 Mar – 18 Apr

Tickets: All tix $20
Times: 10.45pm

Bookings: http://www.comedyfestival.com.au