Multi Award Winning Independent theatre company, Ranters Theatre, is about to set sail on a voyage of discovery of self. Come Away With me To the End Of the World is an exciting new project devised by company members Adriano Cortese, Heather Bolton, Beth Buchanan and Patrick Moffatt,  inviting the audience in on a series of intimate conversations between three people who are trying to reshape their physical and emotional selves.

Bolton, Buchanan and Moffatt star in the piece while Cortese directs this phenomenal sounding piece of theatre.

Bolton describes it as a series of dialogues that explore how we experience our everyday, contemporary lives – what shifts us, what we struggle with, what we cherish, how we choose to deal with things, the way we all survive the collapse of our dreams. The piece has some singing, and some dancing too.

The piece centers around three characters who are attempting to reshape their physical and emotional selves. It is a theme that recurs in the work of Ranters Theatre, who are known for focusing on conversations between strangers to gain a higher understanding of the intricacies of human behaviours.

“We are all dealing with feelings of anxiety and isolation, fantasy and confusion on a daily basis, often adjusting our lives in response. In this work, it is the connection between the people onstage, and between them and the audience, that provides the terrain for this ‘reshaping’,” says Bolton.

The production takes the three characters across the globe from snow-topped mountains to erupting volcanoes and as they glide to the edge of the world, the chasm between their actual lives and dreamed realities opens up. Dreams are a huge theme running through the work as is idea of the  ending of things.” Dreams – in the sense of both desire and the sleeping dream; connection, and experience – both physical and emotional,” says Bolton. “The themes are dealt with in an oblique fashion. They are not addressed within the dynamics of drama, but emerge from the often quite banal conversations and the connections between those onstage.”

Ranters Theatre have a reputation for making original work that responds to the social and psychological contexts of everyday life.  Questions at the centre of their work are ‘how do we experience the worlds that we inhabit?’ and ‘how do we perform our lives? This project had a similar genesis, growing out of a discussion about some of the current experiences and observations about our own lives.

“The concepts for the shows have a long, slow germination,” says Bolton. “This one was first talked about several years ago, and, as I remember it, developed out of a recognition of just how long the company members had been working together, how long we’d known each other. There was something in the maturing of the company that felt interesting enough to prompt a work.”

Come Away With Me To The End Of The World

July 5 – 24.