The award-winning bi-lingual production from Red Stitch Theatre and Critical Stages, Jurassica, is coming to the Clocktower Centre for one show only on Saturday, 25 August.

Written by Dan Giovannoni, Jurassica is a heart-warming story about family, growing old and spending your life searching for home, performed in both English and Italian.

As the child of migrant parents and grandparents, Giovannoni has often sat in the space between being Australian and being Italian, experiencing a slight disconnect between both.

Whilst Dan points out that Jurassica is not his life story, it is one born from his experiences.

“This is not my life story by any means, but it would be silly, and incorrect to suggest that I’m not in there somehow,” said Giovannoni.

“I think any writer is in their work, and in Jurassica much of what the characters experience and talk about, reflects my own experiences͟.”

Jurassica tells the story of Ralph and Sara migrated from Italy in the 1950s. Their son, Ichlis, never really forgave them for his misunderstood name, and grandson Luca struggles to talk to his father or grandfather, until Ralph is rushed to hospital and an interpreter helps Luca reconnect.

A wonderfully original multi-generational, migrant story told with humour and pathos, this critically acclaimed production was the winner of the 2015 Green Room Award for Best New Australian Writing

Giovannoni’s work deals with very current themes of displacement, home and how our past shapes our future.

Jurassica is also about dinosaurs -just not the pre-historic ones!

Saturday August 25