26th April – 12th May 2012 at Revolt Artspace Melbourne
12 Elizabeth St, Kensington

$22.50 Special Saturday 12th May 3pm

"It's a rigorous and imaginatively realised ensemble performance, seething with sexual menace, gender reinforcement and subversion."
Cameron Woodhead, The Age

"Each of the actors brought something unique to the production."
– Angus Cameron (Theatre People)

“impressed with all who were involved and is the best production I have seen by Broken Mirror Productions to date.”
– Frank Otis, DefectorArt

Think Shakespeare on crack, Sarah Kane if she was male and german, Clockwork Orange without the milk bar, a rave without the hangover and Requiem for a Dream if it was a theatre show.  Hamletmachine presents a unique blend of theatre with a bold installation multimedia artwork that will need to be seen to be believed.

Melbourne’s first full scale independent production of Hamletmachine in nearly two decades (translated by Dennis Redmond) will see Broken Mirror Productions utilise voiceover, projected imagery and physical theatre to inspire, provoke and charge audiences with unsettling questions.

Employing physical theatre styles pioneered by Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki the Hamletmachine ensemble cast will move naturally and stylistically, engaging and interacting with audiences in the striking space of Revolt Artspace’s Loading Dock. Created and devised in conjunction with the Domestic Voilence Resource Centre of Victoria.

Directed by Douglas Montgomery
Featuring Adam Ward, Rain Fuller, Nicholas Bendall, Nicole Feiber, Daniel Rice and Kara Stacey Merrin
Production design by Revolt Melbourne