Hairspray uses state of the art technology that has never been seen before.

Scenery is shown on giant video screens that dominate the stage. Here is what the screens look like when they are blank:


And here they are showing various scenes:

The interior of Mr Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway


The gymnasium, where Tracy and her friends from detention are persecuted


Thursday’s preview also featured the second half of the fabulous production number Welcome to the 60s, where Tracy and Edna are transformed in a homage to Sweet Charity-like 1960s


The Dynamites at Mr Pinky’s


The magic begins



Tracy and Edna are transformed


Tracy and Edna are part of a black and white mod world


Edna is having a ball


Tracy knew her Mom would would love it


Edna can’t contain her joy


The Dynamites finish off the number



Photos: Simon Parris