Glitz and glamor in Frankston…





Many a thespian made the pilgrimage to Frankston sweating in tracksuit pants, singlets, shorts or a simple summer dress in the car. Let’s be honest the words glamour and Frankston are not usually used in the same sentence but after many an hour primping and propping there was finally a air of glamour in Frankston.


Upon entering the Foyer of the Frankston Arts centre I was greeted with a vast array of lengths, styles, and patterns. Cocktail dresses, Block Colouring and Sequins that would make GASP proud seemed to be the theme for the year.

It was nice to see that girls got the message that classic was in and slut was out this year.

Special Mentions:
Jessica Barlow must be mentioned for her Charlie Chaplin inspired 3 piece suit with Cruella De Ville Style hair. While most girls find it absolutely necessary to show off their boobs or legs Jess took the gutzy and ballsy step of covering up from head to toe and it worked in her favour. High waisted pant and a white vest highlighted her tiny waist and the right curves in the right places.

Leah Anderson is notorious with costume designers for being a hard person to dress but I have to say the girl know how to do it for herself. The perfect dress for her body. Block colouring at its best.
Rocking out a fresh new shoulder length haircut and a simple yet elegant dress synched in at the waist with a statement belt Leah was Hot to trot.
This Mysterious young lady (I DONT KNOW HER NAME)  took my breath away. Simple, elegant and bought together the styles of old and new. Demure and classy from the front but just a little bit cheeky from the back.  Simple, not over styled hair made it all about the dress. The cream tones complimented her amazing tan and she matched shoes and handbag perfectly.

Boys, Boys, Boys to the most of you an amazing job. I will start by saying BLUE DENIM should not feature at an awards ceremony, Its lazy and not dressy enough for such an event. Classic suits, Statement jackets, Hats, Braces all featured again in a vast variety of colours. This year seemed to be the year of the Velvet jacket and the Bowties.


In simple elegance and dressed like the perfect gentleman the 2011 Best Dressed Male goes to none other than BRUCE himself. (Sorry i don’t have a pic)


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