December the ​8th saw the usual Glitz and Glamour of the Victorian Guild Awards take on Geelong.

Many once again packed themselves into a car wearing thongs,  a singlet and shorts on the 37 degree day only to step into their hotel rooms and spend countless hours on hair and makeup in the comfort of air conditioning. Well that was my experience with Nadia Gianinotti.

The foyer slowly filled with a sea of colour this year. It was amazing to see such bright bold colours and styles of dresses. Many opted for a knee length dress rather than the flowy gown.


There were a few stand-out hairstyles this year. Felicity Bender’s natural flowing locks looked effortless against her flowy dress. Kathleen Amarant’s one sided wavy hair complimented her figure hugging lace number and lastly Diana Perini’s slicked back bun and red lip stick were a knock out. Many attempted this hair-do but Diana nailed it.


The boys stepped it up this year. Beautiful fitted, tailored suits featured in bold colours and also your classic Blacks, Blues and Greys. There was a definite colour bath of options from reds and pinks to greens and blues.

My best dressed male this year without a doubt is David Miles….. He had a beautiful tangerine almost terra cotta blazer on, teamed with a candy striped blue and white shirt and a fitted navy suit pant that matched his tie perfectly.


Geelong was treated to a bevy of beauties in bountiful colours, patterns and cuts. Many ladies dressed perfectly to show off their figures but I ain’t going to lie but it was the first year in a long that I have seen a few shockers. Many girls opted for the cheeky stop by the hotel for a costume change before the after party.

Special Mentions

  • Sallyanne Mitchell in a beautiful floral figure hugging number before her costume change for the after party into a Gidget inspired number.
  • Teagan Ridgwell’s lime green/spearmint dress gave her a fresh fabulous summery feel.

When will the phase of the mullet dress disappear???? Sure there are some beautiful ones out there. Take Rosa McCarty’s red jewelled one for example but people please pay the extra for the rest of your dress


RUNNER UP – Lulu Emery

Lulu Emery who created the costumes for Ballarat and Clarendon College's Into the Wood was stunning with her fire engine red rockabilly hairdo and an almost Tim Burton inspired dress. This dress was not only striking it gave Lulu the perfect 1950's body.
Bust, Waist and Bootay!!!
















2012 WINNER BEST DRESSED – Melanie Ott

Ok, before anyone get up on their high horse saying that Mel is my mate I have told all of my friends in past years that they cannot win this competition due to it looking like a biased decision, but ALAS!
Melanie Ott who played Natalie in CLOC’s ALL SHOOK UP has been crowned the best dressed of the evening. Her Black boned dress that is reminiscent of something from a J’aton collection. The dress was complimented by understated silver and diamond jewellery and hair that was up and off the face letting the dress talk for itself.