Rainbow Room
As part of the Rainbow Room evenings of entertainment during Mardi Gras at the Sydney Opera House join witty and wild Gretel Killeen and a hand-picked shemozzle of her desperate pals as they throw away their high profile respectability and become utter ratbags. Featuring a new ‘cast’ each evening the show will be a unique and hilarious one-off as contenders expose their souls, sins, secrets and questionable genius in this fabulous soiree of smart arses.

Smart Arsing is hosted by The Minister For Men played by Gretel Killeen. With an ever-evolving cast, each show will be a unique and hilarious one-off, performed by an inimitable gaggle of brilliantly acclaimed incongruous talents: a notorious criminal barrister, a multiple Logie Award winning journalist, poetic politicians, international drag superstars, TV’s intellectual bad boy, award winning jazz and country icons, anarchic comedy legends and a very small heavy metal band playing Frozen.

Guests may include Ray Martin, Charles Waterstreet, Becci Cole, Libby O’Donovan, Jordan Raskopoulos, Lillye, Joe Hildebrand, Bettina Arndt, Penny Greenhalgh, Nikki Britton, Robbie McGregor, The Sandman, Epiphany Morgan, Alex Greenwich, Jenny Leong, Carole Haddad, Wilma Bumhurt, Alistair Lee, Joey Moore, The Big Smokes and a mini monarchy of iconic international Drag Queens (whose names are top secret).


Studio, Sydney Opera House

BOOKINGS:- sydneyoperahouse.com/rainbowroom or 02 9250 7777