Greta Sherriff graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Music majoring in classical voice. Her first professional production was Titanic the Musical. That was ten years ago. The show opened in Sydney and despite an announcement of Melbourne season, closed after the premiere Sydney season.

“It was my first professional show and one that is very dear to me,” said Sherriff.

It’s not surprising then, that when the opportunity arose, she happily returned to Titanic.

StageArt’s version of the new revival production of Titanic the Musical is very different to the original.

“The main difference is in the concept. It’s been stripped back in every way. It’s kind of a bare bones version and it strikes straight to the heart for that reason. It’s lovely to rediscover it as a new musical, which is what it feels like,” Sherriff explained.

Titanic eight

Sherriff spent time again researching the stories of Titanic and the historical contexts of the time. Most of the characters in the musical are based on real people from the fateful ship of dreams, the Titanic.

“It might sound like such a cliché but you do go on a journey with this show. You get on the boat with a character and invest in them,” Sherriff commented.

Titanic one

Titanic the Musical is a show that appeals to a wide audience, whether its musical theatre lovers who enjoy a beautiful score, people who love a good story or the Titanic enthusiasts.

“It’s a real gift for an actor, this show,” said Sherriff.

One aspect of this latest production of Titanic the Musical Sherriff has particularly enjoyed was being able to create something new, appreciative of the generosity of director James Cutler. The show has been well received by critics and audiences alike, receiving rave reviews.

Titanic the Musical must close on Sunday. The next day Greta Sherriff commences rehearsals for the 60th anniversary production of My Fair Lady, which is being directed by Dame Julie Andrews.

You can see Greta Sherriff in Titanic The Musical for the rest of the weekend at Chapel Off Chapel