The Green Room Awards Association is delighted to announce the appointment of a new President, Dr Hilary Glow. Dr Glow will be leading the organisation from 2016. Leading academic, writer and performing arts industry researcher, Dr Glow brings a new dynamic to the awards and in announcing said, “I see the Green Room Awards as a vital part of recognising and celebrating the skills of Victoria’s performing arts community”.

The Green Room Awards is Melbourne’s premier peer-presented, performing arts industry awards recognising outstanding achievements in Cabaret, Contemporary & Experimental Performance, Dance, Independent Theatre, Music Theatre, Opera and Theatre Companies.

The 33rd Green Room Awards Ceremony will be held at the Comedy Theatre on Monday 21 March 2016. Dr Glow added, “In an industry where there are few opportunities for public acknowledgement of artists’ skills and talents, the Green Room Awards are a gold standard, we love to boast about Melbourne as Australia’s cultural capital and so we need to make sure that our artists are appropriately recognised for the value they bring to Melbourne’s cultural vibrancy”.

Dr Glow paid tribute to the work of her predecessor, Chris Thompson, who was President of the awards for three years from 2012-2015. “As President of the Green Room Awards, Chris has been a wonderful advocate and ambassador for the performing arts, and the organisation has greatly benefitted from his stewardship”, said Dr Glow.

Dr Glow is Associate Professor and Director of the Arts and Cultural Management Program at Deakin University. From 2012-2015 she was also Director of the Arts Participation Incubator.