castofoncemelbournetomHere is the list of all the winners for this year’s Green Room Awards:

Writing for Cabaret: Ash Flanders for Special Victim

Original songs for Cabaret: Andrew Strano and Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer for Nailed It!

Writing for Independent Theatre: Marcel Dorney for Prehistoric

Writing/adaptation for the Australian Stage for Theatre Companies: Roslyn Oades & Collaborators for Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday

Sound/Composition for Theatre Companies: Pete Goodwin (The Sweats) for Yellow Moon

Visual Design for Dance: Jack Hancock and Bosco Shaw for Princess

Set and Costume Design for Independent Theatre: Chloe Greaves for her body of work over the entire year

Lighting Design for Independent Theatre: Lisa Mibus for My Lovers’ Bones

Lighting Design for Music Theatre: Natasha Katz for Once

Sound Design for Music Theatre: Clive Goodwin for Once

Set and/or Costume Design for Music Theatre: Roger Kirk and Brian Thomson for The King and I

Design for Opera: Mia Stensgaard, Katrina Lindsay and Wolfgang Goebbel for Eugene Onegin

Lighting Design for Theatre Companies: Paul Jackson for his body of work over the entire year

Set and Costume Design for Theatre Companies: Dale Ferguson for Night On Bald Mountain

Audio Visual Design and Animation for Theatre Companies: Matthew Gingold and Matt Greenwood for Calpurnia Descending

Ensemble for Dance: The cast of Patyegarang from Bangarra Dance Theatre

Ensemble for Independent Theatre: The cast of I Heart John McEnroe from Clare Watson, Uninvited Guests as Theatre Works

Ensemble for Music Theatre: The cast of Once

Ensemble for Theatre Companies: The cast of Henry V from Bell Shakespeare

Actress in a Supporting Role for Music Theatre: Yong Ying Woo for The King and I

Actor in a Supporting Role for Music Theatre: Adrian Li Donni for Pacific Overtures

Female in a Supporting for Opera: Dominica Matthews for Eugene Onegin

Male in a Supporting Role for Opera: Daniel Sumegi for Rigoletto

Musical Direction for Cabaret: Jane Patterson for Ginger & Tonic’s Desperate & Dateless

The Shirley McKechnie Award for Choreography for Dance: Shaun Parker for Am I

Direction for Independent Theatre: Alyson Campbell for The Trouble With Harry

Direction for Music Theatre: John Tiffany for Once

The Betty Pounder Award for Excellence in Choreography for Music Theatre: Jerome Robbins and Susan Kikuchi for The King and I

Musical Direction for Music Theatre: Martin Lowe and Kellie Dickerson for Once

Direction for Opera: Kasper Holten for Eugene Onegin

Conductor for Opera: Guillaume Tourniaire for Eugene Onegin

Direction for Theatre Companies: Kirsten von Bibra for Grounded

Outstanding work by an Emerging Artist for Contemporary & Experimental Performance (CEP): Fluvial by Matthias Schack-Arnott

Contemporary Circus for CEP: A Simple Space by Gravity and Other Myths

Curatorial Contribution to Contemporary Performance: Going Nowhere from Arts House

The Inaugural Geoffrey Milne Award for Contribution to the Development of Contemporary & Experimental Performance: Margaret Cameron

Artiste for Cabaret: Geraldine Quinn for All Out of Pride & MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt

Outstanding Contribution to Cabaret: Ali McGregor for Late-Nite Variety-Nite Night

Male Dancer: Waangenga Blanco for Patyegarang

Female Dancer: Lauren Langlois for Complexity of Belonging

Male Performer for Independent Theatre: Angus Cerini for Resplendence

Female Performer for Independent Theatre: Maria Mercedes for Master Class

Actress in a Leading Role for Music Theatre: Madeleine Jones for Once

Actor in a Leading Role for Music Theatre: (A tie) Hayden Tee from Les Miserables AND Tom Parsons from Once

Female Lead for Opera: Nicole Car for Eugene Onegin

Male in a Lead Role for Opera: Barry Ryan for The Riders

Female Actor for Theatre Companies: Melita Jurisic for Night on Bald Mountain

Male Actor for Theatre Companies: Andre de Vanny for Glory Dazed

Outstanding Production for CEP: Reach Out Touch Faith by Sarah Rodigari in collaboration with Joshua Sofaer

Outstanding Production for Cabaret: Die Roten Punkte by Eurosmash

Outstanding Concept and Realisation for Dance: (A tie) Lilian Steiner for Noise Quartet Meditation and James Batchelor for Island

Outstanding Production for Independent Theatre: The Trouble With Harry

Outstanding Production for Music Theatre: Once

Production for Opera: Eugene Onegin

Production for Theatre Companies: Henry V

Industry Contribution award: Chunky Move for their “Next Move” project

Technical Achievement Award: Maruska Blyszczak

Lifetime Achievement Award: Nance Grant