Fresh off winning the prestigious Golden Gibbo, award-winning comedian Alex Hines announces a return season of To Schapelle and Back, the hilarious camp comedy playing at The Butterfly Club from 23 – 28 May.

 To Schapelle and Back is a hilarious psycho-cosmic fantasia of Australiana nostalgia, centred on the contentious public figure Schapelle Corby. Created through the real-life friendship between Alex Hines and Schapelle Corby, the show draws on actual exchanges between Alex and Schapelle, To Schapelle And Back delivers a new story about the woman behind the headlines, making the audience question everything they know about Schapelle Corby.

The production is a recipient of the coveted Golden Gibbo, one of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s most prestigious awards, being received by artists including Eddie Perfect, Zoë Coombs Marr and Geraldine Quinn. Hines (Network 10, ABC, The Groundlings, UCB, Second City) has also received acclaim for her previous work, winning Best Feminist Work at Melbourne Fringe Festival (2021), Best Work by an Emerging Artist (2021), and was nominated by Best Work in Festival and Best Comedy in Melbourne Fringe (2019).

 To Schapelle And Back transports the audience back to 2005 – Alex is in hell, an angsty teen wishing for magic in a cul de sac. Divine intervention strikes when her doppelganger, Schapelle Corby, appears on the TV. Tethered to her spirit double, Alex’s reality splits as she spirals into a world of chaos and journeys.

Schapelle Corby’s sensationalised public trial was one of the most publicised in Australian media history, and this production looks back in a way that only comedy could. Whether it’s the Balinese Cell Block Tango or an apparition from a Sexy Mr Squiggle, this fever-dream of true-ish events will make you question everything you know about Schapelle Corby.

May 23 – 28

Butterfly Club