‘Interactive Theatre’. It’s a concept that strikes fear in to the heart of any theatre-goer who has been unwillingly dragged upon a luminescent pantomime stage to perform the hockey-pokey. However put your fears at bay, as MDMS is theatrically bringing you a once in a lifetime opportunity. Have you ever wanted to question Colonel Mustard about the way he looks at Miss Peacock ? Interrogate Mr. Green on his fascination with the lead pipe or find out exactly why the Maid had not finished her duties and gone home on the night of the infamous murder at the Cluedo Manner? 

Well here’s your chance, as the Mountain District Musical Society holds a week long interrogation of your favourite board game suspects in their season of Clue the musical. As you young detectives have determined by now, Clue is an interactive musical based upon the popular Parker Brothers’ board game ‘Cluedo’. Over the course of two acts, the seemingly all too familiar suspects, weapons and locations are revealed on stage through a series of pastiche yet delightful musical comedy numbers.

 After a musical number showcasing the show’s could-be-criminals, three audience members are invited upon the stage to place three theatrically oversized cards, each representing the murderer, location and implement respectively into an envelope marked “Confidential” on stage, where they remain for the entirety of the show. It is these cards that begin the show and drive it towards any of the 216 possible conclusions! The usual suspects of Colonel Mustard, Mr Green, Mrs Peacock, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet and Mrs White are all present with their ill fated host, Mr. Boddy, as each character is shown to have a case to answer, with the culmination of the first act being the discovery of dead body. From there on in it’s a rollercoaster ride of who-done-it-where-with-what as a hardnosed, attractive female detective is set loose in the manor to find the merry murderer.

If Clue fails to ring a bell with any of our committed theatre patrons, do not despair. After an off-Broadway season in 1997, the show has been performed almost exclusively by Community groups and School departments in the USA, however Director Michael Butler has no fears that his new show will be a success as it finally hits our shores.  When asked about the challenges of putting on such an unknown work he was effusive in his enthusiasm for the production. “The show is seldom done, hence the beauty of the challenge of working on something that hasn't been done to death” he shared in a recent interview.  “I've always enjoyed working on pieces that people do not have preconceived ideas about or a natural bias as they have done/seen the show before and believed that they have an idea of how they believe things should play out.  The challenge to create something that is unique and offers and different experience that the norm is a huge thrill.”

While it is indeed a huge thrill, there is also a huge responsibility on the cast, who each night will play a role on stage not knowing where or how their story will end. However Butler has great faith in the small cast of actors he has chosen, praising his “eight exceptionally talented performers.  Most of whom have worked in children's productions, pantomime and other forms of interactive theatre. They have exceptional comedic timing and are just a blast to watch.  These big characters require big actors and we got them!”

So come on down to Maroondah Secondary College, Brentnall Rd, Croydon between the 16th and the 24th of September and flex your detective muscles. There are some great prizes on offer for those who correctly track down the crim responsible, so grab a ticket online and be the first to find out exactly whodunit! Tickets can be purchased from www.mdms.org.au, via email at [email protected] or by calling 0431 940 984 after hours. The cost of a ticket is $32 and includes a complimentary drink of your choice, to calm any fears of being pulled on stage!