Ginger and Tonic’s Desperate and Dateless has brought dating via cabaret to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Featuring magnificent harmonies, hilarious stories and a touch of over sharing, these four ladies have got the goods. The a cappella quartet create quirky twists on songs, revolving around their sadly single lives.

Burzie, Dani, Stef and Jane are all single and very ready to mingle. With a tonne of performing experience behind them, these women know how put on a fabulous show. This award-winning performance has all the bells and whistles you could desire from a great cabaret.

Entering to a rendition of Dusty Springfield’s “Wishin’ and Hopin’”, the show covers an array of genres, sliding from Peggy Lee’s “Fever” to “Call Me Maybe” with ease. These are clever and funny ladies, embodying their characters perfectly. With all their stalking tendencies, it’s truly difficult to work out how these women could possibly be single.

The slick and sometimes silly choreography is a delight and emphasises the comic brilliance (you’ve not lived until you’ve heard man boobs and ginger pubes in a song). As Ginger and Tonic go through their sometimes-transformational journeys, the sass levels go sky-high and this squad is clearly #goals.

While it may be the bane of your existence, a highlight is the audience participation segment, turning the tables and getting an audience member to play along on a dating show. On Opening Night, Jules did exceptionally well. It’s not easy shifting from an audience member sitting in the dark to being front and centre but he was more than up to the job. Turn up ready to be involved.

Desperate and Dateless is a hilarious night out full of immense talent and wit, so grab your friends and come celebrate singledom in all its glory. You may even get a date or a phone number.

And thanks for the mid-show cuddles, Burzie. I’m glad I could help fill the Gary-shaped hole in your life, if only for a moment.

Ginger and Tonic’s Desperate and Dateless is on at Malthouse Theatre’s Beckett Theatre as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until 9 April 2017.

P.S: Just a quick sidenote. To the guy a few seats down who simply had to touch his phone every minute, please reconsider if live performances are for you. This show even specifically mentioned you shouldn’t be on your phone. Have some respect for incredible performers who have put in an astonishing investment to bring you entertainment.