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Ginger and Tonic have traded their sexy red dresses for leopard print accessories and their heels for sneakers. These big bad business bitches show us just how entrepreneurial they are in For Love or Money.

Jane, Burzie, Dani and Bec all have their new products ready to show the world. They all have their business mentors. They’re ready to take on the big bad world of business and somehow keep their love lives afloat simultaneously.

Without spoiling anything, the opening number is fab. It’s the perfect pump-up song. It pumps up the audience, who aren’t sat in traditional theatre rows but at tables. This is a great way to create conversation and let the show be a shared experience with strangers.

Burzie is just about as badass as it gets. You will be impressed by how many words she gets out so quickly in her rap. You will be impressed by her vocal range. You will shift uncomfortably in your seat when she uses her crazy love eyes. She’s sure to make you giggle.

Dani’s seduction powers and forward-thinking make her eye-catching throughout. While her love story may be more practical than others, she’s not going to let anything get in the way of her big business dreams.

Bec gives us a Meatloaf classic like you’d never imagine it sung. Her love life may be a bit up in the air like juggling balls, but she’s got her sights set on revolutionising activewear. She knows her market, she knows how to market and she’s going for it.

Jane’s product was well worth the wait. My +1 got to trial it and as she said, she was “balls deep” already at that point. Oprah may have started Jane’s business desires, but Shannon Bennett – who really needs to see this in person – will continue to stir her pot.

With hits like “Wrecking Ball”, “I’d Do Anything for Love”, “I Don’t Need a Man” and “Me Too”, you’ll be guaranteed to leave humming something, whether it’s with the original lyrics or not.

These women are hilarious and know how to play up their characters. Whether it’s love or money, they’re ready to confront their struggles head on and will have each other’s backs. Their phenomenal voices and polished choreography make the 60-minute show zip by in an instant, leaving audiences begging for more.

Ginger and Tonic have totally nailed it with this show. The group continue to go from strength to strength, delivering hilarious original songs and wonderful a cappella parodies of much-loved hits.

As Burzie says, “we’re not here to fuck spiders”. No, this stellar group of incredibly talented performers are here to entertain bloody well.

For Love or Money is the ultimate girls’ night out and is on as part of the Melbourne Cabaret Festival at Chapel off Chapel until Sunday 25 June 2017.


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