We caught up with Don (Liam Kilgour) and Kathy (Erin Gill) to find out what ARC have planned for the show that brings da rain!



TP: Firstly… I have to ask… Is there going to be any rain?

Erin: Of course there will be rain! The question you're really asking is 'how is it going to rain?'.

Liam: There will be water, but you'll have to come and see the show to see how we're working it. 

TP: SITR is an incredibly well know show.  How are the ARC team planning to tackle this classic show?

Liam: The production team has kept the key iconic scenes and the upbeat style of the period. However, they have made it their own without detracting from the stylistic elements that are so well known.

Erin: The production team have ensured the key iconic moments are maintained, with 'nods' to the classic elements that make the show so great. There is an appropriate amount of originality infused, without losing anything that makes it a classic.

TP: Have you seen any other productions of the show that you used as research?

Erin: When I was sixteen, my boyfriend at the time took me to see the show when it came to Melbourne. This was the first time I'd been to a professional musical and I just adored it. So, I started my research fairly early! When the actress playing Kathy sang Lucky Star, I was utterly transfixed. The purity of her voice shot through me and I remember thinking, 'that's the kind of performer I want to be some day'. I stayed well away from watching the film version during rehearsals. Nobody's interested in seeing a Debbie Reynolds impersonator. Well okay, maybe a lot of people would be interested in that, but I'm not interested in doing it. Although I wouldn't thumb my nose at a cameo on Will and Grace.

TP: It's a big dance show.  What's your dance background and how have you found the physicality that this show requires?

Liam: I play football and am currently training for the Melbourne marathon, so stamina isn't much of a problem for me. I studied dance at the University of Ballarat as part of my BA and was fortunate to have some tap ability before I started. Ben Stokes has given me a run for my money, particularly in 'Moses Supposes'. Luckily, I am extraordinary competitive and one eyed. I only threw one or two tantrums. (Maybe four or five.)

TP: What's your dream role?

Liam: I have had the good fortune to play my dream role of 'Chris' in Miss Saigon with Windmill in 2010, once Don Lockwood is done and dusted, I will have ticked almost everything off my bucket list. I'm open to the idea of playing Elder Price in Book of Mormon, if any casting directors are reading this.

Erin: I could be really lame and say it's Kathy Selden, but the awful thing is it's absolutely true. I have a fairly extensive bucket-list, after I played Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Kathy took out pole position.

TP:  How do you prepare before a performance?

Erin: I'm a bit old school. I seek out my own quite place and go inside my own head for a little bit. I like to save my energy and excitement for the stage. I also like to go and have a little listen to the sound of the crowd on the other side of the curtain, soak up a bit of that energy.

Liam: I'm completely disorganised. I have no routines. No diary. And often, no pants. I'm getting there.

TP: What's the one thing you always try to do on stage consistently?

Liam: My aim is always to provide a consistent performance throughout the season, avoiding peaks and troughs in energy levels. I'm a marathon man.

Erin:  Not fall down. (Mixed results so far.)

TP: What's your favourite number or line in the show and why?

Liam: The titular song, 'Singing in the Rain' is hard to overlook as a favourite. Hopefully, I can do it justice and it will be an audience favourite too.

Erin: Upon meeting, Kathy says to Don 'I'm sorry I didn't recognise you, I should have my eyes examined.' Don looks right into her eyes and replies, 'They look alright to me.'