In July 2011, while ARC theatre were still hand-jiving and high school hopping their way through Rydell High, 2012 plans were brewing somewhere behind the shiny veneer of high school prom sets. They were dark plans, some say even a little twisted, for how could such an exuberant bunch of Northern suburbian youths hatch such a plan as …



Incidentally, that is the last time I give gothic horror narrative style a go. Terrible.

For those who are unfamiliar, Jekyll and Hyde is a gothic horror tale involving a scientist who gets just that little bit too creative in the lab. This results in a split-personality style disaster and leads toward all the devilishly fun things in theatre, such as fight scenes and top notes. Admittedly, that was quite a brief rundown, but I figure you can all use Google and this isn't imdb, anyway.

Moving right along:

Part 1: ARC goes Goth

This devilish decision by ARC prompted me to consider why such a fun-lovin’ bunch of theatre-folk wanted to delve into the gothic and the sinister. Well, thanks to a few short words from ARC’s president, Evan Mulholland, and J&H Director, Jason Vikse, I was able to see their side…

their … other side … (get it?)

Why Jekyll and Hyde for ARC 2012?

Evan: Coming off the back of highly successful happy musicals like Hello, Dolly! and Grease we at ARC felt it was time for a trip to the dark side with Jekyll and Hyde in 2012. We pride ourselves on doing well known shows that no other company has done in a while. After several dance musicals in a row, Jekyll and Hyde offers an outlet for singers to really sink their teeth into what is a magnificent piece of musical without the added pressure of complex choreography

Jason: The music, firstly. There are so many incredible songs in this show!  Also, as a director, the great classic characters and plot are a huge draw. It's not every-day that you have the chance to be involved in re-telling one of the most famous stories in western literature. Time-tested shows like The Sound of Music, Hello Dolly, and Grease only deal with current events … just babies!  This story, like wine, cheese, and Daniel Radcliffe's career, has only improved with age

Now, watch this:



Part 2: WHO WANTS TO BE AN AUDITIONEE?!?! You? Yes you! Weeee!

Step 1: Call this number: 0451 116 894

Step 2: Speak to the person on the other end. Her name is Natalie, she is really nice.

(Or, you can just email [email protected] But, if you do this, you won’t get to speak to the Natalie girl who is really nice.)

Step 3: Read the rest of this article


What they want from you:

Director Jason Vikse and Music Director Simon D’Aquino wised me up on what they're looking for:

Jason: Passion is my number one.  Show me you want to be there, that you want to put your energy into creating something special, that you're willing to learn, and that you're prepared to work.  Great performances are all about what you're willing to put into it.  Also, it would be nice if you could sing, dance, and act!

The mood that pervades the show is a sinister energy, an uneasy feeling that anyone, at anytime, is capable of anything, and it hides behind the perfect air of Victorian society.  Listen to the speaking voices of Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, and Anthony Hopkins, and mix them with a healthy dose of Oscar Wilde to find that match.  In fact, checking out some versions of The Picture of Dorian Gray and Strange Tale of Doctor Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is the best research you can do!  If during your audition, in my mind's eye I see gaslights flickering through a heavy fog and hear a wolf howl in the distance, you've got my attention!

  • If given lots of money, Jason would cast Alan Rickman as Jekyll/Hyde, a not so ‘Angelina Jolie’ Angelina Jolie as Lucy, and Grace Kelly as Emma. Also, if given magic resurrection powers, he would cast Abraham Lincoln as Utterson.


Simon: Good pitch! There are a lot of different singing styles from the leads in the show and it will be refreshing to see people demonstrate that they can perform these.

  • Hypothetically, Simon would like to see Pacman as Jekyll/Hyde, because “[he could] eat the governors when he turns into Hyde”                                                                     

and … what they DON’T want:

Jason: Nothing from Wicked or Les Miserables! If it was a feature of David Hasselhoff's performance [see below], keep it off my stage!  Also, don't try to show us something you don't know or can't do,  many an audition has failed due to choosing a song you should never have sung or a monologue you should never have read. Show us what you can do!  Play your strengths!

Simon: Anything with Jazz hands.


David Hasselhoff as Jekyll/Hyde. Many people find this weird/disagreeable. I am inclined to agree.


Part 3: Filling out your audition form.

I will agree that the above information is quite handy for those auditioning, but it does not address any of the administrative facets of the audition process, such as your audition form. These are not easy forms. You have to strike a careful balance between the truth and I AM THE MASTER OF ALL DANCE (and similar) proclamations. However, as a general rule, here are a few annotated examples of what not to do:




In conclusion, ARC are great people, they're doing a ripper of a show and you will get to participate in the following:

  • A masquerade fundraising ball
  • A rehearsal camp (ARC are famous for these)
  • Much fun
  • A show


Now, if they aren't reasons to sign up, I don't know what is.

Well, maybe a free buffet.


Jekyll & Hyde auditions are being run on the 25th, 26th and 28th of Feb, with a movement audition on the 29th. Call 0451 116 894 or email [email protected] to book yo'self in!



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