With more than 600 acts on offer, patrons at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival are spoiled for choice.

These highly – diverse options include art exhibitions, cabaret, competitions, debates, improvisation, kids’ comedy, musicals, sketch shows, song cycles, theatre, and traditional stand – up. Put simply, there is something of interest available for everyone.

So far, I have reviewed the likes Impromptunes, Demi Lardner, RocKWiz, Spontaneous Broadway, Dave Thornton and Cal Wilson. Perhaps the most outrageous loose cannon of the lot, Geraldine Quinn is the one – woman star of Queen Bitch.

The award – winning cabaret performer is also a songwriter, singer, musician, comedian and actor.  With her latest routine clocking in at sixty minutes, Quinn makes use of these considerable artistic attributes to maximum and glowing effect.

Her previous solo outings include Bad Ambassador, Hex and the City, and, Shut Up and Sing.

Quinn has also recorded four albums with the titles A Quick One, Scream ‘Jarvis Cocker’ When You’re Losing, You’re The Voice: Songs for the Ordinary by an Anthemaniac, and MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt.

In addition to her stage and studio work, Quinn made notable television appearances on Adam Hills Tonight, RocKwiz, Spicks and Specks, The Comedy Channel, and, Upper Middle Bogan.

Funny and fearless in equal measure, Queen Bitch details Quinn’s chaotic yet hilarious life playing at being a grown – up. From first home ownership to adopting a rescue pet, there is a lot to take in. As my guest for the evening pointed out, this journey will particularly resonate with people in their thirties and forties.

Quinn also ties the experience together with a handful of original and witty songs (as well as an ongoing obsession for a certain camp motion picture classic). Her eclectic mix of tunes runs from:

  • Moving to the city;
  • Caribbean Gardens;
  • The glories of living in McKinnon;
  • A nightmare experience in Dandenong Hospital; and,
  • Christmas Day with her dysfunctional family.

(It should be noted that Quinn’s show also features excellent acoustic guitar, ukulele and violin backing.)

Australia’s answer to red – headed legends such as Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, and Madelaine Kahn, Quinn can do it all. In Queen Bitch, she is truly a one – woman sitcom.

Commanding the Malthouse Theatre’s Merlyn stage at all times, this is like watching an extended manic episode, positioned on the far side of Broadway. With solid and focussed direction by fellow comic, Geraldine Hickey, Queen Bitch will take viewers everywhere and back again.

Playing until Sunday April 22, catch Quinn in Queen Bitch while you can.